Romawood NGO is using the power of culture and art to build an open-minded society in Kosovo and in Europe. Romawood is a local organization focused on improving the socio-cultural youth work, inclusion, mobilization, networking and self-esteem of young Roma with projects that engage them in film, music, visual arts, theater or other artistic media. Since 2007, Romawood supports and develops artistic production that aims to stimulate creative and collaborative work, regional and international exchange in support of human dignity and rights of Roma people in Kosovo and in Europe.

Romawood got born when a first film, Welcome in Plemetina, was made in 2003 in Plemetina village in Kosovo, where a group of youth learned the techniques of film with Balkan Sunflowers NGO. Since then, Romawood produced more than twenty documentaries, docu-fiction, music videos towards the Roma culture, Art, Human Rights and Social Life in Kosovo, Bosnia, Poland, France and Slovenia with different partners (Balkan Sunflowers, Luksus Produkcija, Koperativa, NISI MASA, ADL Nis Serbia, ALD Gjilan Kosovo, Dosta Campaign and etc.). Romawood also engaged youth with other activities such as youth exchange (France, Kosovo, Germany): RomArt youth exchange (2009), Art in Action youth exchange (2011) in partnership with GAIA and Zones IMAGeIN’AIR NGOs. Romawood also co-produced weekly reports for Yekhipe, the Roma language program, on Kosovo national television, RTK. (2010)

Romawood provides film workshops to young people with fewer oportunities. More than 60 short films have been produced in the last four years, and about 50 young roma participated the program and 5 awards in international festivals, as well as numerous screenings internationally.

One of the most successful projects of Romawood is Rolling Film Festival, conceived, organized and staged in Kosovo, in co-production with Balkan Sunflowers .